The Columbia Group provides Integrated Program Planning and Management services for  all of the functions of a Department of Defense (DOD) Program Management Office (PMO) and a Program Executive Office (PEO), including  functional area analysis, program integration, business management/administration and program management.

We synchronize programs’ internal component activities and de-conflict competing needs. We also work to harmonize the interests of stakeholders external to the PMO/PEO.

In addition, we provide the following support functions throughout all stages of the system acquisition life cycle across all program activities and to all external stakeholders:

  • Integrated master planning
  • Integrated master scheduling
  • Documentation preparation and review
  • Milestone decision preparation
  • Formal and informal reporting
  • Integrated product team management
  • Optimization and tradeoff analysis
  • Performance measurement
  • Risk management

We also provide Integrated Program Planning and Management Support to non-DOD customers, drawing upon our knowledge and experience within DOD programs to create effective solutions in the non-DOD world.

Functional Area Analysis Diagram

Diagram 1: Functional Area Analysis Chart