The Columbia Group’s Engineering Solutions Division in Panama City Beach, Florida operates its own fabrication and test facilities that can build prototypes and integrate and test mechanical and electical hardware. We also have our own dive team to support testing that meets requirements, stays within budget, and is completed on time.

Whether it is Developmental Testing or Operational Testing, the Engineering Solutions Division has the experience to develop, conduct, and evaluate tests relevant to our customer’s needs.

Our personnel are skilled in identifying testing needs, designing tests, establishing test objectives, serving as Test Directors, preparing detailed test plans, coordinating test activities, analyzing test results, and preparing test reports. We can provide engineers in a variety of disciplines and technicians to support many types of testing, to include:

  • Developmental Testing
  • Operational Testing
  • Test Plan Development
  • Test Reporting
  • Sea Trials
  • Data Reduction and Analysis
  • Test Design