The Columbia Group develops partnerships and maximizes resources to facilitate enterprise gains.

In today’s world of budget constraints, an organization must be able to track its expenditures and identify opportunities for savings while, at the same time, operating at its current capacity despite a smaller budget.  Logistics Enterprise-Level Planning facilitates this capability. Many organizations are structured in stovepipes with each section operating independently. At an enterprise level, this can result in inefficiencies as one group hands off a project to another.

To increase its customers’ organizational efficiency, The Columbia Group provides support with strategic planning and metrics development and recommend and facilitate integrated efforts across enterprises. This support is critical for organizations to operate efficiently in today’s environment.

Our Logistics Enterprise-Level Planning and Management capabilities include:

  • Facilitating an Enterprise Logistics Governance Structure by bringing together representation from across divisions and organizations
  • Supporting end-user recommendations for change by using a top/down and bottom/up approach
  • Making recommendations to use existing resources more efficiently, thereby increasing overall capacity
  • Analyzing all programs within an enterprise to ensure that all potential effects of recommended changes are fully considered
  • Taking critical views and making compelling arguments for change that benefit our customer as well as the entire enterprise
  • Asking the hard questions by anticipating information that our customer’s leadership will be asking for and find a way to make that information easily accessible

                                               Leadership and Governance Structure

Enterprise Level Planning Governance Structure