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Ballast Water Solutions

The Columbia Group’s Rosenblatt Ship Design Division (RSDD) is dedicated to providing cost-effective and fully-integrated solutions to Ballast Water Management. Experienced with regulatory requirements, treatment technologies, and all aspects of shipboard design and integration, The Columbia Group’s Rosenblatt Ship Design Division can find the solution that effectively meets your needs and requirements for ballast water. At RSDD, we understand that the ballast water management problem does not have a “one size fits all ships” solution. Start to finish, RSDD will determine the best-fit solution to your needs. RSDD brings a 60+ year legacy of providing naval architecture and marine engineering support for ships of every class, as well as quality program management and support services for shipyards, ship owners and operators, governments, and commercial clients.

Our Comprehensive Services for Your Ballast Water Management Solution Involve:

  • Analysis: Evaluation of Treatment Systems and Appraisal of Your Needs
  • Selection: Review of Applicable Technologies
  • Integration: Ship Alteration Design Packages For All Ship Systems
  • Sustainment: Training and Life Cycle Product Support
  • Compliance: Existing And Future Requirements

The Columbia Group’s Rosenblatt Ship Design Division has developed an extensive database of ballast water management systems (BWMS) to assist shipowners and operators in identifying BWMS. The database includes technical specifications and performance data for over 60 BWMS – including all the Type Approved systems.