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Medium Voltage Casualty Power System

The RSDD has created two types of Medium Voltage (MV) Casualty Power Systems (CPS). The CPS is designed for the Navy and is a system consisting of bulkhead terminals with permanently installed cables and portable cables, strategically located throughout the vessel, for the purpose of bridging damaged sections of the main and alternate power systems in order to re-energize mission critical equipment. The system is intended to provide power during real emergencies. It is used to maintain a source of electrical power for the most vital machinery and equipment needed to keep the ship afloat, to get the ship out of a danger area, or to continue the mission of the vessel.

The two types of CPS that the RSDD has created are:

Alternatively the CPS can be used as a Portable Medium Voltage Extension System for purposes such as:

  • Disaster response organizations who must provide an alternative to grid-supplied power on short notice and/or while operating in difficult or hazardous environments
  • Remote construction sites, temporary camps or compounds, etc.
  • Power systems for remote fire bases, temporary airfields, or any temporary construction where temporary power generation and local distribution is required.
  • Mining industry where sites are situated in remote areas not served by municipal power distribution.

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