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ERP Interface

The Columbia Group is currently working with ERP data and modifying our current tools/applications with the capability to perform in the ERP environment.

Data Cleansing

The Columbia Group can assist with any data conversion and data cleansing efforts both large and small. Our analysts design and perform Extract Transform and Load (ETL) jobs that take data from disparate data sources and clean / normalize the data before loading into new data structures that make the data more usable.

Columbia Group analysts often write programs to take semi-structured data from Microsoft Word, PDFs, and spreadsheets and load it into structured SQL databases.

Data Retrieval from Disparate Systems

The Columbia Group applications interface with the Navy accounting and payment systems to provide daily updates of financial information, so no time is wasted researching out of date obligations. Current application pull financial data from MOCAS, STARS, HCM and STARS-FL. Support for NAVY-ERP is under development. In addition, we can add other accounting systems if access is provided.

Data Analysis: Interactive Tool for Analysts

The Columbia Group provides interactive tools for analysts to research and find discrepancies within financial or other data. After the data has been retrieved, our applications allow on screen interaction with the files.

Data Mining

The Columbia Group has automated data mining in a customized and automated method such as in COBRA. By controlling STARS and MOCAS sessions, COBRA can quickly and easily retrieve everything needed to perform reconciliations. A simple menu interface gets both MOCAS and STARS histories in an instant.