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Training Delivery and Instructor Support

Training Delivery and Instructor Support

The Columbia Group has a long history of providing electronically-aided training programs to the federal government. We specialize in training delivery, spanning from the sourcing instructors with specialized subject matter expertise, to the production of computer-aided training programs and environments. Rooted in proven logistical practices our training delivery is presented with flawless coordination to guarantee that people, equipment, materials, and environment are aligned in seamless training management.

Some of our products have included:

  • Mobile Applications (apps) (on iOS, Android OS and Windows Phone)
  • 3-Dimensional Interactive Multimedia Instruction (3D IMI/video)
  • Distance Learning (Internet and private internet)
  • Field or laboratory simulation range training
  • Demonstrations and hands-on device Training
  • Computer- and Web-based training delivery
  • Advanced Distributed Learning (AdL)
  • Simulations (including scenario creation)
  • Computer-based training (including simulators)
  • Technical Documentation
  • Mobile expert training team deployment
  • Digital war-fighting experiments (table top exercises and war gaming)

The Columbia Group’s training delivery systems are backed by formal instructional design processes.  In addition, we offer a holistic human resource development program, as the centerpiece to our core competency in Human Performance Solutions.