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Acquisition Program Logistics Support: Analysis, Planning & Fielding Services

Acquisition Program Logistics Support

The Columbia Group provides Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) Analysis and Planning services for its customers supporting Department of Defense (DOD) programs of record and equipment acquired through the rapid acquisition process. Our support allows our customers to make the best possible decisions concerning supply, maintenance, training, transportation/distribution/warehousing, and disposal support of their systems.

Our principal objectives in acquisition program logistics are to ensure that support considerations are an integral part of the system’s design requirements; that the system can be supported cost-effectively throughout its life-cycle; and that the product support elements necessary to the initial fielding and operational support of the system are identified, developed, and acquired. We provide the Acquisition Program Logistics services that are required throughout a system’s life-cycle, including but not limited to:

  • Supply Chain Design
  • Maintenance Concept Development
  • Level of Repair Analysis
  • Distribution and Transportation Analysis
  • Manpower, Personnel, and Training Analysis
  • Training Program Planning
  • Technical Data Package Development
  • Disposal Plans

The Columbia Group understands that acquisition logistics activities are most effective when fully integrated with all other program technical and management processes. We have provided complete support for ACAT III ILAs, as well as individual elements of logistics analysis and planning support for ACATs I and II programs.

Integrated Product Support