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Application Portfolio

The Columbia Group uses information technology to improve an organization’s performance and increase efficiencies. We examine an organization’s business processes from the ground up, with the organization’s goals in mind. Information technology is used to enable new work models to ensure the organization is not “technology-driven”, but rather “technology-enabled”.

The tools we have developed to assist customers with re-engineering their business processes include:

Computer Optimized Batch Reconciliation Application (COBRA)COBRA is used by U.S. Navy financial analysts to efficiently identify problem disbursements and create corrective packages for them; perform day-to-day financial status research by interfacing with STARS, MOCAS, MISIL; and receive data feeds from DCAS and the Navy’s new ERP system in one database.
Budget Object Class System (BOCS) ModuleThe Columbia Group has offered to provide a new COBRA module known as BOCS to support PBIS allocation processes, including Performance Criteria Allocation, BOCs allocation and OP-5 reporting.
Contract Closeout Tracking Tool (CLOUT)CLOUT is a centralized portal for all information on contract closeout efforts. It allows users to coordinate, facilitate, expedite and track progress on contract closeout efforts by: identifying contracts that need to be closed out; reviewing financial data from multiple accounting and entitlement systems; recording and tracking closeout status; and generating management metrics so managers may, for example, determine the number of contracts closed in a given month.
Smart Tri-Annual Tool (STAT)STAT provides an email-enabled workflow framework for performing Tri-Annual Reviews.  The system establishes a baseline of outstanding obligations at the beginning of a review period. Administrators send emails requesting the status or validity of obligations, monitor results, and gener­ate audit-ready reports for submission. STAT also provides a web form for POCs and field financial personnel to submit their responses.
FMS Administration Scoring Tool (FAST)This database tool provides SEA 01C personnel and support contractors: the ability to enter FMS Program Element 13, case execution, and data into an automated form of the Manpower Checklist with supporting justification and impact statements; as well as metrics and FMS Manpower reports.
International Programs Administration of Contracts Tool (IPACT)IPACT assists the International Fleet Support Program Office (PMS 326) with tracking and managing a large number of task instructions and delivery orders on the FMS contracts.