The Columbia Group’s IT professionals develop applications that we host and administer in order to provide robust Software As A Service (SAAS) solutions that provide great value to our customers.

System Administration

The Columbia Group provides system administration and hosting services for a variety of applications.  Our System Administrators (SAs) are skilled at maintaining both Windows and Linux server environments.  We maintain server farms running Windows Server 2008 that provide Sharepoint, Project Server, Exchange, Outlook  Web Access  (OWA) and other services.   We use VMWARE virtualized servers to run RedHat and CENTOS operating systems that host many of our custom application including STAT, CLOUT, IPACT, FAST.  We provide regular maintenance to keep current with security patches.


The Columbia Group maintains a secure network with a DMZ subnet that allows us to host externally facing applications for the government.  Our staff maintains firewalls that protect our networks utilizing secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) for remote administration.  We are also experienced at administering dedicated servers hosted at commercial ISP locations.