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Marine Electrical

The Columbia Group’s Rosenblatt Ship Design Division maintains an electrical engineering staff with broad electrical systems design and analysis experience in feasibility studies, new ship designs, major conversions, overhauls, and repairs.  We are proficient in the application of U.S. Navy specifications, as well as USCG, ABS, SOLAS, IEEE-Std-45, IEC, COLREGS, and NEC requirements.  We have experience providing direct support to customers such as NAVSEA, USCG ELC, MSC HQ, NOAA, and commercial shipyards.  Our electrical engineers have a reputation of communicating with the customer in order to provide solutions that meet and exceed customer expectations.


  • Arc Flash Studies
  • CDRL Technical Reviews
  • Electric Plant Load Analysis
  • Electrical One-Line Diagram
  • Elementary and Block Wiring Diagrams
  • Engineering Change Proposals
  • Fault Current Analysis
  • Feasibility and Trade-off Studies
  • Lighting Systems Illumination Calculations
  • Power and Lighting Systems Design Drawings
  • Procurement Specifications
  • Protective Device Coordination Study
  • Ship Change Documents
  • Ship Specifications
  • Voltage Drop Calculations

Areas of Expertise

  • Power Generation
  • Power Distribution
  • Electric Propulsion Systems
  • Lighting Systems
  • Interior Communication Systems
  • Auxiliary Machinery Control Systems
  • Navigation Systems