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Ship Alteration & Modernization

The staff of our Rosenblatt Ship Design Division (RSDD) specialize in using a multitude of engineering and architecture skills and capabilities to develop ship repairs, alterations, and modernizations of shipboard arrangements, systems and equipment. We have extensive experience performing ship checks, investigating problems, providing drawings and specifications, and determining cost effective solutions for upgrades to all types of hull, mechanical, electrical and electronic equipment, up to full modernizations of all habitability and mission equipment. All aspects normally considered in new ship designs are accounted for, while working within the numerous constraints that make repairs and modernizations more challenging than new ship designs. We have provided designs for repairing and modernizing salvage vessels, supply ships, domestic and polar icebreakers, tenders, aircraft carriers, combatants, submarines, and hospital ships. As a sub-specialty we provide designs for incorporating modern environmentally compliant and discharge sensitive equipment and systems into ships.

In addition to being knowledgeable of all types of ship systems, our team has extensive shipboard operating and design experience and consequently understands the end user’s perspective. In addition to detail designs, we provide logistics solutions that ensure that the new systems can be effectively and efficiently operated. We have performed numerous alteration designs for:

  • HVAC Conversions
  • Distributed System Renewals
  • Food Service Upgrades
  • Weight Handling Equipment
  • Energy Conservation Studies
  • Mission Equipment Hull Plugs
  • Permanent & Temporary Helo Hanger Additions
  • Auxiliary systems & equipment
  • Generator Set Replacements
  • Habitability Upgrades
  • Boat Davit Replacements
  • HABMOD & CIVMOD Conversions
  • Regulatory Body Requirements Change Impact Assessments & Re-designs
  • Electrical Power Upgrades